Frequently Asked Questions

► Do I have to be a member to attend?

Not at all! We love to have guests join us for worship.  

► What should I wear?

Come as you are. We aren’t worried about what you’re wearing.  We’re just glad you’re here!

► Where do I park?

We have a spacious parking lot on the side and in back of our building.  You are welcome to park anywhere you’d like. If the lot happens to be full, we have permission to park in the lot across from the main entrance to our church (Northern Engraving.)  We also have some spaces reserved for visitors across from the entrance.

► Is your church handicap accessible?

Yes!  Handicap parking is available across from the main door.  Entrance to the building, access to the sanctuary and restrooms are all on one level.  

► Which door should I come in?

The double doors underneath he drop off area will lead to a common area directly behind our sanctuary.  You may also use the single door at the back of the building which is normally used for preschool drop off and pick up.  

► What can I expect when I come to Good Shepherd?

When you enter the double door main entrance, you’ll be in the common area directly behind our sanctuary.  Greeters or a pastor will be there to welcome you and provide you with directions and information. To the right are the restrooms and the hallway that leads to our fellowship hall.  To the left you will find the church and pastor’s office. Straight ahead down the hall are the preschool and Sunday school classrooms and additional restrooms. When you enter the sanctuary where our worship service takes place, you will find ushers who will hand you a worship folder.  That worship folder will have an outline of our service and everything you need to participate in worship.

► Where can I sit?

Feel free to sit wherever you’d like, whether near the front or in the back of the church. If you need assistance, an usher will be happy to help.

► Do you have hearing assistance?

Yes!  Ask any of our ushers as you enter the sanctuary and they can provide you with a personal hearing advice with various options.  

► Who will I meet?

At Good Shepherd, all are welcome to hear the Word of God. You will meet a very diverse congregation, as we have people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

► What is worship like?

Our worship services are all about proclaiming and praising Jesus Christ our Savior.  Our worship services normally begin with an introduction and welcome by the pastor followed by the opportunity for everyone to greet each other. We then sing an opening hymn and have the opportunity to confess our sins to God followed by the refreshing announcement of God’s forgiveness.  We respond with a song of praise and with prayer. We normally have three Bible readings which revolve around the central theme for that day and are used for the basis of that day’s sermon. The sermon is message about 17-20 minutes long which is based on a selection of God’s Word and expands on certain points and applies them to our lives.  We then confess the Christian faith that unites God’s people by using one of the Christian Creeds (Apostles’ or Nicene). We gather an offering as an expression of our gratefulness to the Lord for all that he has and promises to do for us. We offer a prayer with special requests and join in praying the Lord’s Prayer. Every other Sunday we have a children’s devotion which is specifically geared for the children in worship.  We close with prayer, blessing and the singing of a final hymn. The pastor makes a few announcements and greets people as they exit the sanctuary and gather in the back of church. On first and third Sundays of the month, we normally incorporate the celebration of the Lord’s Supper into the second half of our service.

The worship folder you receive when entering our sanctuary will guide you through the service, providing all that you will need to follow along and participate as you feel comfortable.  

If there is anything that you’re wondering about after the worship service, please ask or email our pastor.  He’d be glad to speak with you.

► What about the offering plate?

The returning of a portion of what God has given to us is one of the ways that God provides for us to express our love, trust and thanks to him.  Our offerings are used to support local ministry at Good Shepherd and the world-wide ministry of the Wisconsin Synod of which we are a member. If you are visiting, please feel no obligation to give an offering unless your faith motivates you to do so.  

► What about my kids?

We love to have children in worship!  In fact, you’ll find families at all stages of life (children and parents grandchildren and grandparents) all worshipping together.  There are red activity bags for children hanging on the walls in the back of church that you can pick up on your way in that can help active children.  If a child becomes restless or a baby needs feeding, we do have a nursery which is accessed down the hallway on the south side of the building. It has viewing to the sanctuary, closed circuit audio, and provides privacy.  

► Can a guest take communion?

Along with many other blessings connected with the Lord’s Supper, Communion is an expression that believers are truly united in all the teachings of God’s Word.  Therefore, before communing with us we ask that you please visit with the pastor so that he may explain about how to establish such unity.

► Can I get married at Good Shepherd?

There is no fee for the church facilities or for the pastor performing the marriage ceremony.  Those without a church home and wishing to be married at Good Shepherd should contact our pastor at .  We ask that all couples complete a 4-hour pre-marriage class to better prepare them for their married lives together.     

► Can I get my child baptized at Good Shepherd?

There is no fee to have your child baptized, nor is membership for the parents required.  Our pastor will gladly set up a time for a brief meeting with you to look at what baptism is and schedule a time for your child’s baptism that works well for you.

► What about Sunday School?

All children from ages 3-8th grade are welcomed to attend our Sunday school which normally takes place between worship services from 9:20-10:15 am.  Parents are encouraged to attend one of our adult Bible classes which take place during the same time period in the fellowship hall.  You can contact the church office for further information or talk to our pastor.   

► How do I become a member of Good Shepherd?

We believe that church membership is one of the ways an individual expresses unity of faith with a church.  Therefore, we ask that people complete a Bible class that reviews the basics of Christian teaching as taught in the Bible.  At the completion of the class, a person can then make an informed decision of whether or not they wish to become a member of our church and receive all the blessing that come through church membership.  Please contact our pastor if you are interested in learning more about church membership at Good Shepherd