Bible Information Class
A group Bible Information class will begin Sunday, September 13th.  The course “New Life In Christ” is a study of the basic teachings of the Bible.  Using Martin Luther’s Catechism as an outline, this review of Christian teaching also serves as a study for those looking to join the congregation.  If you or anyone you know is interested in attending this class either to review what the Lord tells us in His Word or to consider joining Good Shepherd or simply looking to understand more about what we teach from the Bible, please speak to Pastor Arndt.  The classes are also open to anyone who is already a member of the congregation as a great review of God’s Word, opportunity to grow in faith and be prepared to speak to others of the hope we have (see 1 Peter 3:15).  

The classes will take place after second service (about11:45 – 1:45pm) and run for 16 weeks.  

For more information contact Pastor Arndt: 
Church phone: (608) 526-4829.