Frequently Asked Questions
    Do I have to be a member to attend?
  • Not at all! We love to have guests join us to worship the Lord.
    What should I wear?
  • Come as you are. We aren’t worried about what you’re wearing.
    Where do I park?
  • We have some parking spaces designated in the front of our building for visitors. However, you are welcome to park anywhere in the parking lot. If the parking lot happens to be full, we have permission to park in the parking lot across from the main entrance to the church.
    Is your church handicap accessible?
  •  Yes. Parking is near the front door and access to the main sanctuary is all on one level with no barriers.
    What can I expect?
  • When you enter our doors, you’ll be in the common area.  One of our greeters or our pastor may say hello to you near the doors.  Many of our guests visit before entering the sanctuary for worship. In this area, you will be handed a worship folder and find other information concerning the congregation and its ministries.
    Where can I sit?
  • Feel free to sit wherever you’d like, whether near the front or in the back of the church. If you need assistance, an usher will be happy to facilitate your needs.
    Who will I meet?
  • At Good Shepherd, all are welcome to hear the Word of God. You will meet a very diverse congregation, as we have people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. 
    What is Worship like?
  • Christian worship is a truly marvelous event, where God Himself has promised to be present with His people.  In a worship service, the Lord comes and serves us with His living and active Word with its powerful promises.  We His treasured people, have the privilege to serve Him with as we hear and trust His Word and bring Him our thanks and praise.  God’s speaking to us in love leads to our speaking to Him in love!  

    Therefore, in our worship service we focus on God’s Word with its timeless truths and comfort.  We have four selections from the from the Bible all centering on a theme from God’s Word.   The pastor preaches a sermon on one of the Bible readings to help us understand and apply God’s timeless truths to our daily lives.  

    The other portions of the service or liturgy also speak to us important truths from God’s Word or give us opportunities to speak and sing our praise to God for His great gifts or come to him with our requests in prayer.  

    You will be able to follow our service in the bulletin and in the hymnal found under the chair in front of you as we sing, read Scripture and hear a sermon from God’s Word.  You will in no way be singled out or have to say anything in front of others.

    Portions of the worship services we use have been used by believers in some form for centuries.  If after worshipping with us you have any questions about any part of the worship service, it’s history or meaning, our pastor would be delighted to provide you with more information.
    What about the offering plate?
  • Giving offerings from our earthly wealth is one important way the family members of Good Shepherd show their love for their Savior and support the work we do together: to share the good news of Jesus and maintain our facilities to His glory.  

    You are our guest and need not feel compelled to make an offering.  You may simply pass the offering plate on and no one will look down on you for doing so.  If you have questions about why we bring the Lord our offerings or how they are used, our pastor would be delighted to answer your questions.
    What about my kids?
  • Kids of all ages are welcome. We encourage kids and their parents to grow in faith together as they hear God’s Word and sing His praises. A nursery room is available on the right side of the church if you feel that you need to step out for a minute. The room does have windows to see and you will be able to hear the worship service.
    Can a guest take communion?
  • Along with many other blessings connected with the Lord’s Supper, Communion is an expression that believers are truly united in all the teachings of God’s Word.  Therefore, before communing with us we ask that you please visit with the pastor so that he may explain about how to establish such unity.
    Can I get married at Good Shepherd?
  • There is no fee for the church facilities or for the pastor performing the marriage ceremony for members of the congregation or for couples who are without a church home who are willing to attend Bible information classes that review the central teachings of Scripture and also attend pre-marriage counseling.  For more information please contact the church office (608) 526-4829.
    How do I get my child baptized?
  • There is no fee to have your child baptized, nor is membership for the parents required.  Our pastor will gladly set up a time for a brief meeting with you to look at what baptism is and schedule a time for your child’s baptism that works well for you.
    What about Sunday School?
  • We would love to have your child attend our Sunday School, where children learn about God's amazing love for this world centered in the Savior Jesus.  You do not need to be a member to have your child attend Sunday School.  Sunday School for grades Preschool through 8th Grade takes place from 9:15 am to 10:15 am (September thru May).  The pastor or one of the ushers or greeters would be delighted to help direct you to the appropriate Sunday School room for your child's age and introduce you to the teacher who will also give you an emergency contact form to fill out.
    An adult Bible study is held at the same time as Sunday School in the North End of the fellowship hall and you are welcome to attend.

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